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Finally One App, One Platform, offering the Widest Range of Smart Products running on the Fastest and most Stable Platform available. You no longer need to break the bank just to automate your home or rely on highly skilled staff to install and then configure it. Smart, Simple and Affordable Home Automation is now made possible via the awesome solution of Tuya Industries and their SMARTLIFE platform

So go ahead and make a really smart choice … join us today and lets start making your Home Super Smart.


Smart Home Automation also known as  IoT (the Internet of Things) is simply a term used to connect and control devices in your home to your cell phone or tablet via a platform (app). The app can in turn also be connected to AI (Artificial Intelligence) devices such as Google Home or Amazons Echo Dot (Alexa). You can set and configure timers, days of the weeks, geo-fences and many more aspects of each device. Interaction with all the connected devices can be via voice commands or any smart device with a touch screen (phone Android or Apple/IOS). 

So to use a simple example switching ON the kitchen lights can be via the smart wall mounted switch or touching the ON button on the phone app or simply saying ” switch ON the kitchen lights”. The kitchen lights can also be configured to switch ON and OFF at different times of the day each week or to switch ON when you return home (between certain times) and to switch OFF when you leave home. Their is no limit really, as to what can be connected and configured but the same applies to your property gates, garage doors, front door, video CCTV surveillance, alarm and monitoring systems, home lighting, home appliances, pets feeders, pool pump timers, garden irrigation, all your devices with IR remote controls like TV’s, decoders, video players etc. to name but a few.

So what all can I control? | For a more detailed explanation ‘click’ on the product icon below or ‘shop’ to view our products

On off scedule day start etc.

Control all aspects of your home’s lighting, meaning ON/OFF, Dimming, Colour and Brightness. Certain portions or all of the above control functions can be achieved in various ways: 1. fit a smart switch ‘inside’ your existing light socket | 2. replace your existing light switch with a ‘smart light switch’ | 3. replace your existing light bulbs with ‘smart LED light bulbs and strips’.

e.g “turn ‘OFF’ the bedroom lights, change the TV lounge lights to blue, dim down the study lights”.

For a more detailed Explanation of Lighting Control [click here]

Control all aspects of your home’s wall socket’s and plugs, meaning ON/OFF and power consumption monitoring. A basic smart switch can be used to control pretty much anything. Certain portions or all of the above control functions can be achieved in various ways: 1. fit a smart switch ‘inside’ your existing wall socket | 2. replace your existing wall socket with a ‘smart wall socket’ | 3. insert a ‘smart double adaptor’ into any one of your existing wall sockets.

e.g. “turn ‘ON’ the kettle, switch ‘OFF’ the pool pump, ‘OPEN’ the kitchen blinds, switch ‘OFF’ all power (mains circuit breaker)”.

Be Smart about safety and take back control. Our smart alarm systems use wireless technology, home networks, and  mobile phones to integrate your security with day-to-day life.

From door sensors to wireless CCTV footage, a smart security system means you can customize, monitor, and manage your security systems anywhere, at any time, from your mobile phone. It gives control of your security back to you and makes it convenient and accessible to you, whenever you want to check in. Our Smart Security solutions are cost effective and unlimited  providing everything from perimeter security to safety from dangers such as floods or fire with Smoke detectors, alarm systems, CCTV , Locks and SOS.

  • Unlock your home with your phone – Having physical keys poses a significant security risk if they are lost or stolen. Home automation lock control gives more power to manage your security.
  • Control your security systems remotely (see security and CCTV) – Wi-Fi connected alarm systems and security cameras allow you to view the status of home as well as seeing live camera feeds remotely. You will know exactly what is going on at home while you’re away.
  • Send temporary access permissions to visitors – Lending someone a physical key to your home poses an inherent security risk since they can make copies of that key. Digital permissions or passcodes that have an inbuilt expiry eliminate this risk.

IR Smart devices are made to solve a problem everyone faces in their own home. The problem: too many infrared remotes cluttering Your house. The solution: a device with an array of IR transmitters that can broadcast remote signals with 360° room coverage. Simply leave the device in a central location of a room, and take control of all the devices in that room with the help of Tuya Smart life and google Home which communicates to the devices through your smart home Network (WIFI)

The Smart IR Remote controller will convert all your existing devices with remotes controls to Smart controlled Devices. These include your TV’s, DSTV Decoders, Media Players, TV Boxes, Video Players and pretty much anything with a IR remote.  Each Smart IR Controller has a range of 8m, so depending on their location of your devices more than one u nit per household may be required. Simply ‘Learn, Configure and Play’. Smart home IR control

Home automation is great for convenience and safety however we all need a little  luxury, From automatic vacuum cleaners to air humidifiers, the possibility are endless, fully automate your household by adding automatic curtains , smart air control and much more. 

Once you have your home’s smart devices set up, voice assistants trained, and automation created there’s still more you can do. Your smarthome doesn’t have to stay outside—it can expand into your yard, whether you’re playing in the backyard, hosting a cookout, or putting up Christmas decorations. With plugs, lights, and battery add-ons, your outdoors can be just as smart as the inside of your home.

Whether you need to plug in Christmas and Hallowe decorations or lights, a smart outdoor plug is a great way to add intelligence to anything you might plug in outside. Outdoor smart plugs come in several varieties

If you have a fountain, pool filtration system, or landscape lighting to which you’d like to add automation, outdoor smart plugs are ideal as well, in part because they are water resistant. Just keep in mind that whatever you connect to a smart outlet has to be “on” at all times to work well. You’ll turn off the device by turning off the outlet

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Are you a busy person with an uncertain schedule, a frequent traveler, or simply someone who enjoys overnight trips or weekend getaways every once in a while? Make sure your pets are well cared for with this variety of automated products designed to keep them happy and healthy while you’re away!

Pets are apart of your family and your Home so why not make it smart! With a wide range of Pet Care products your furry friends will have contestant food and water to keep them happy and healthy. 

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