Smart Smoke Detector, Rechargeable

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  • Home Automation has never been this Smart, Simple or Affordable with the Tuya SmartLife solution for your Home, Office or Factory.
  • Complete control over a wide devices & appliances from ANYWHERE via your mobile phone or simply your voice.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google home and supports IFTTT on the Fastest and most Stable Platform available.
  • Configure and Schedule activation dates, days of the week, start times, duration, geo-fence to name but a few.

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This Smart detector operate much like traditional detector, sounding an alarm when smoke, fire, gas and other dangers are detected and provides as much warning as possible to get out safely in the event of a house fire. This device comes with a built-in siren as well as a reachable battery. smoke detector on Alexa , google home and tuya

Where smart smoke detectors have an edge is their ability to send a notification to your phone when the alarm is triggered — even if you are away from home. Smart smoke detectors also notify you when the battery gets low or if there is a problem with the sensors in the unit. Compatible smoke detector on Alexa , google home and Tuya

If you already have other products added to smart home system, adding smart smoke detectors that integrate with your existing system gives you added functionality you would never get with traditional smoke detectors.

Home Automation made Smart, Simple and Affordable via the Tuya, SmartLife App (Android or IOS),  offering the fastest, most stable platform and widest range of Smart Products. Supports Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.

Product Features :

– Small size & convenient

– Smart Alarm: sound alarm (90dB loud alarm) & flashing dazzling red light with alarm

– High sensitivity smoke detection

– High temperature detection: If local temperature exceeds 50 degree Celsius, it will trigger an alarm to prevent the fire from happening

– Work on day & night

– Push notifications sent to your phone

– Smart life App remote control

– Suitable for multiple scenes: company, market, hotel, school, hospital, house, warehouse, factory…

– Three steps to connect easy to use: Connect Wi-Fi – Download APP – Add device

– Provides battery and sensor status notifications so you’re always informed, and safety history so you can see what happened over the last 10 days.

– Support platform: Tuya Smart, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT


Whats in the box?

X1 WiFi Smoke Sensor

X1 Double-sided tape

X1 User Manual



Tuya Smartlife

Tuya Home Automation via the Smartlife application platform

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