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smart home garden lighting

Once you have your home’s smart devices set up, voice assistants trained, and automation created there’s still more you can do. Your smarthome doesn’t have to stay outside—it can expand into your yard, whether you’re playing in the backyard, hosting a cookout, or putting up Christmas decorations. With plugs, lights, and battery add-ons, your outdoors can be just as smart as the inside of your home.

Whether you need to plug in Christmas and Hallowe decorations or lights, a smart outdoor plug is a great way to add intelligence to anything you might plug in outside. Outdoor smart plugs come in several varieties

If you have a fountain, pool filtration system, or landscape lighting to which you’d like to add automation, outdoor smart plugs are ideal as well, in part because they are water resistant. Just keep in mind that whatever you connect to a smart outlet has to be “on” at all times to work well. You’ll turn off the device by turning off the outlet.

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