How to get Started (your first Smart product)

Firstly, we suggest you buy one of the products to the right [click on the product image]. The double adaptor while more costly is direct plug. configure and play and requires no wiring.

Step 1:  using your mobile phone scan the QR code to the right or via the Google Play or Apple iStore search for the app called ‘smartlife’ & install the app. The app has the ‘Blue Smart House’ icon.

Step 2: Open the App & Create an account. Enter your phone number or email address and then request a verification code and create your password.

Step 3: Add device Tap “+” on the top right corner. A list of potential products appears.

Step 4: Select the device type you want to add from the available list

Step 5: Activate the device by plugging it in or connecting the battery.

Step 6: All Tuya products are ‘default pairing mode’ when first switched ON – LED flashes quickly. If not, press reset button or switch the device on & off 3 times until it flashes (e.g. light bulbs or strips). Note for light switches select the 1-3gang device to pair.

Step 7: Confirm your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network to which the device will be added, enter your Wi-Fi password and confirm. Note 2.4Ghz wifi networks ONLY.

Step 8: The device will be added to your Smart devices list

Step 9: After the product is found and added, rename it so you can easily recognize it and use that name for voice commands. Example kitchen lights, pool pump, kettle etc.

Step 10: schedule runs start and end time and days of the week etc.

Step 11: play around and have fun to fully understand the huge potential of THE Tuya Smartlife platform. Add IFTTT.

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