12V to MicroUSB Converter 5V 3A | DC-DC suitable for Gates

Optional Power supply unit for ‘Smart Gate Garage Door Opener Switch’

  • 12V to micro USB 5V DC
  • DC-DC converter 12V to 5V/3A
  • Suitable for Gates

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DC to DC converter from 12V DC to 5v DC via a Micro USB cable.

This unit is recommended as a more convenient alternative to Power our ‘Smart Gate Garage Door Opener Switch’ (the opener includes a adaptor which requires 230VAC and therefore a qualified electrician). By adding this DC-DC converter you can DIY the installation as you need only connect to the 12V DC available on the Gate control board. Note: Garage doors normally need 24V DC check your control board model to check if it has 12 or 24V DC outputs.

12VDC to 5VDC via MicroUSB male connector with an enclosed splashproof housing
Input Voltage: 12V DC (via red=positive, black=negative, leads)
Output Voltage : 5V (Volts) via lead with USB female
Output Current: 3A (Amperes)
Output Power:15W (Watts)
Efficiency 97%
Voltage regulation rate: Operating temperature: -20 to +80 (degrees Celsius)
Dimensions Housing: L 63mm x W 27mm x H 14mm

When using our Smart Gate Garage Door Opener Switch for:

  1. Gates: normally have 12VDC – this unit you are viewing now. 
  2. Garage Doors: normally have 24V DC – to buy [click here]. 
  3. Note new Centurion D5 EVO Smart is 24V = 2x 12V batteries


What’s in the box?
1 x 12V to USB Converter


Henrac Tech

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