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IR Smart devices are made to solve a problem everyone faces in their own home. The problem: too many infrared remotes cluttering Your house. The solution: a device with an array of IR transmitters that can broadcast remote signals with 360° room coverage. Simply leave the device in a central location of a room, and take control of all the devices in that room with the help of Tuya Smart life and google Home which communicates to the devices through your smart home Network (WIFI)

The Smart IR Remote controller will convert all your existing devices with remotes controls to Smart controlled Devices. These include your TV’s, DSTV Decoders, Media Players, TV Boxes, Video Players and pretty much anything with a IR remote.  Each Smart IR Controller has a range of 8m, so depending on their location of your devices more than one u nit per household may be required. Simply ‘Learn, Configure and Play’. Smart home IR control

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