Smart Flood Water Detector, Rechargeable

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  • Home Automation has never been this Smart, Simple or Affordable with the Tuya SmartLife solution for your Home, Office or Factory.
  • Complete control over a wide devices & appliances from ANYWHERE via your mobile phone or simply your voice.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google home and supports IFTTT on the Fastest and most Stable Platform available.
  • Configure and Schedule activation dates, days of the week, start times, duration, geo-fence to name but a few.

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This Smart Flood Detection Sensor is required for your own fully scale-able Alarm and Video Surveillance Security and Alarming System. You can then add any number of Smart Video cameras (in and outdoor with motion sensing), PIR Motion and Environmental Sensors such a water (leak) detection, Smoke, and Doors Window switches etc, . Simply, ‘Plug, Configure and Play’. there is basically no limit the size or alarm system you can design and deploy. Can be used as a smart water leak sensor

Home Automation made Smart, Simple and Affordable via the Tuya, SmartLife App (Android or IOS),  offering the fastest, most stable platform and widest range of Smart Products. Supports Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT.

Great way to make any appliance or device, ‘Smart’.

Product Features

  • Elegant, design to detect water leaks in critical areas such as your geyser tray. If wired your geyser or mains water supply can be switched OFF when water is detected.
  • Activation dates, days of the week, start time and duration can all be pre-configured via the Smartlife application giving you complete remote control and ON/Off overwrite.
  • Supports Voice Commands and also AI units such as Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home solution.
  • All your Smart Devices connected via a Single stable Platform been the Smart Life app from Tuya.
  • The entire SmartLife system performance replies on an ‘adequate WIFI’ (2.4GHz only) signal. We recommend the use of ‘PowerLine WIFI Extender 500Mbps Kit, Henrac Tech’ to expand your WIFI signal. Supports up to 7 slave repeaters to ensure comprehensive Home & Outdoors WIFI coverage.


Typical Uses (but not limited too)

  •  Smart water leak sensor can detect water leaks in critical areas such as your geyser tray. If wired your geyser or mains water supply can be switched OFF when water is detected.
  • New or addition to any CCTV and Security requirement.
  • Buy buying a range of Smart CCTV and Security products you can make your own Smart security system with very secure Cloud Storage. You no longer need to buy a CCTV system in kits with  of 4 or 8 camera’s and then install a hard drive.
  • Design your own ‘Very Smart’ completely scale-able CCTV and Security System. All managed on a single platform together with everything else in your home, office or factory etc.

Design your own scale-able CCTV, Security and Monitoring System – Products to consider. (the system can be expanded as per your very own custom requirements)

  • Smart Siren (includes Temperature and Humidity Sensors)
  • Smart Cameras: in or outdoors (with motion detection) | rotation or fixed | small spy cameras. All to secure cloud storage
  • IR Motion Sensors: where smart cameras with this feature built-in are not used. In or outdoors
  • Door and Window magnetic sensors
  • Environmental Sensors: smoke | water |  gases


Color White
Material ABS
Backup Battery AAA1.5V*2
WiFi Standards IEEE 802.11 b/n/g 2.4G Hz
Support Voice Control Work with IFTTT
Water leak detection Support
Low-battery Detection Support
Tuya Smart product Linkage control Support
Operation Temp. –10°C to +50°C
Humidity 5%–95% non-condensing
Installation Wall-mounted
Dimension 5.8*2.5*10cm
Weight 100g


What’s in the Box?

Smart WiFi Water Flood Sensor x1
AAA1.5V battery x2
Double-sided tape x1
User Manual x1


Tuya Smartlife

Tuya Home Automation via the Smartlife application platform

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